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Buccara - South Africa, Lindsay Castle

BUCCARA – in Swahili it means Secret Place – has been hosting getaways for friends and acquaintances at our own castles, villas & yachts. Here is your chance to learn more about us.


1. Lindsay Castle - Property Video

Lindsay Castle is located just 3 minutes walk from Pezula Private Castle on Noetzie beach, Knysna. South Africa. The castle offers 6 spacious bedrooms with stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

2. Lindsay Castle - Noetzie History Information.

The property is a large stone-built structure built on rock on the edge of the beach at Noetzie. It has been built to resemble a medieval castle and is full of comfy, well furnished rooms.

3. Buccara - PPT

The castle offers fully equipped kitchen, spacious dining area and beautiful decorated area with open fireplaces.

4. Lindsay Castle - Floor Plan

Three bedrooms are in the main castle and the remaining three are separately located in the right side of the castle.

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